Biography and Management History

Call for papers

22nd Conference on the History of Management and Organizations

March 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2017 in Paris, CNAM

Biographies, although criticized in France, have come back into favour with historians. One only has to name Jacques Le Goff and his Saint Louis to know that. This does not, however, mean a return to hagiographical accounts and heroic portrayals that tend to mask the truth about an era rather than reveal it. For the 22nd History of Management and Organizations Conference, we are looking forward to read papers that help to understand better the behavior of singular managers.

The wide scope offered by the subject covers both business players and theoreticians on the management of organizations, which are indeed sometimes one and the same in the case of Henri Fayol, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Chester Barnard or Alfred Sloan, to name just some of these famous writers. It can also be worthwhile to take a look at some less known authors. While the examples given above are all 20th century figures, there is no limit, in time, geographical zone or gender, to the subjects considered (one only has to think of the biography of Mary T. Washington, the first female CPA). This call for papers is not restricted to pure management, it being influenced both by the social and the exact sciences.

The only rule we have set is that contributions must be original and respect the rules of historiography. What we do not want is a simple biographical account. Social background, education and cultural and national factors can be referred to, of course, avoiding a deterministic stance, while showing what we can learn from them and what impact the author, entrepreneur or other individual has had on management.

Methodology workshop for PhD students

The History Conference will begin with a workshop for PhD students on 22 March, providing tutoring on management and organizational history theses and a methodology workshop. Doctoral students wishing to present their research during this workshop should provide with a ten-page resume specifying the research field (theme, research questions), the theoretical framework or the theoretical articulation of the thesis, methodological approach, initial results (if applicable), their main primary sources and bibliographic references.

Doctoral students at early stages of their thesis are also encouraged to take part.

Key dates

Deadline for submission of papers and doctoral workshop application: 2 December 2016

Your proposals must be sent in French or in English, with an abstract in French and English, to the following address:

To know more about this CfP : CFP 22nd JHMO 2017

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