CfP Population Movements and their Implications for the Caribbean Economy

The Caribbean Economic History Association (AHEC) and the National University of Colombia, Caribbean campus, will organize the AHEC 4th International Conference in San Andrés (Colombia), November 8-11, 2017, with the support of the Colombian central bank (Banco de la República).

The main theme of the conference will be “Population Movements and their Implications for the Caribbean Economy.” The AHEC invites researchers in Caribbean economic history to participate with a paper in any of the following sections, trying to follow the conference’s main theme.

Population and migrations, 16th-21st centuries
Migration, wages, and living standards
Migration, international remittances and financial capital.
Debt and Economic Policy
Foreign Direct Investments and Economic Growth
Urbanization and Urban Real Estate Concentration (“latifundismo urbano”)
Informal Economy and Agrarian Concentration
Production Systems – Economic Agents (Productive Structures; Trade and Slave Systems; Labor Regimes; Firms and Entrepreneurs).
Production and Exports of Raw Materials (Main Staples and Services; Agrarian and Plantation History).
Natural Resources (Natural Resources Exploitation; Historic Forms and Environmental Impact)
Mining and Energy Sources
Services and Tourism
International Trade (External Trade and other Links with the International Economy)
Banks and Financial Systems
Economic Thought
Economic Historiography

The AHEC will accept both paper and panel proposals of no more than 100 words until May 15, 2017. If the participant sends an individual paper, she/he will have to indicate the section where her/his paper fits best. Proposals should be sent to Jorge Elías Caro <>, Raúl Román <>, and José Antonio Piqueras <>. The AHEC will publish the accepted paper and panel proposals, as well as a provisional program, on May 31, 2017.

Organizing Committee

Executive Board of the Caribbean Economic History Association
Guy Pierre, Honorary President
José Antonio Piqueras, President
Jorge Elías Caro, Executive Secretary
Johanna Von Grafenstein, Treasurer
Roberto Cassá
Christian Cwik
Humberto García Muñiz
Salomón Kalmanovitz
Pablo Martín Aceña
Raúl Román Romero
Marie-Christine Touchelay
Michael Toussaint
Reinaldo Funes Monzote
Honors Council
Victor Bulmer-Thomas
Herbert S. Klein
Franklin Knight
Carlos Marichal
Frank Moya Pons
Oscar Zanetti
Local Organizing Committee
Raúl Román Romero (chair)
Jorge Elías Caro
Salomón Kalmanovitz
Wildler Guerra Curvelo
Joaquín Viloria de la Hoz
Johannie James Cruz
Adriana Santos Martínez
Yusmidia Solano Suarez

Caribbean Economic History Association (AHEC)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Caribe, San Andrés
With the Support of Banco de la República (Colombia)

More information available at

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