According to Previts, G. J., Parker, L. G. & Coffamn E. N. (1990), history supports research in the formulation of policies and practices and in the elaboration of norms. Familiarization with professional ideas, and lessons that shape our heritage. It tells us how we can achieve a particular attention. It tells us how we reached a particular convention. The history of accounting also encourages the scholar to consider the interdisciplinary view of accounting and its environmental context. It is at this juncture that the Center for the Study of the History of Accounting at APOTEC – Associação Portuguesa de Técnicos de Contabilidade proposes to hold, together with ISCAC Coimbra Business School, on November 26, 2022, its VIII ACCOUNTING HISTORY JOURNEY, under the general theme “The relevance of history in the understanding of current accounting”, for which invite authors to present a paper.

The Organization of the VIII Journey of the History of Accounting calls for the sending of communications that address the following topics:

  • Evolution of Accounting;
  • History of Financial Accounting;
  • Why the importance of accounting history;
  • Evolution of the Accounting Profession Seniority in the accounting profession;
  • Accounting as a technical practice and as a social practice;
  • The study of accounting and work in various periods and environments.


Communication – up to 8,000 words – recommended exposure time: 15 minutes

Abstract – maximum 300 characters with 3 keywords

Summary CV of author(s) and Contact details (name, email address, including co-authors).

Official languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English

Deadline for delivery: September 15, 2022

Internet delivery to: Secretariat of the VIII Journey of the History of Accounting

Call for Papers_Portugal_26 November

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