Un outil de recherche bibliographique : Business History Explorer

Business History Explorer (BHE) is a bibliography covering the history of UK businesses and the industries to which they belong. Its prime purpose is to assist researchers in locating historical information about specific businesses. Information for the bibliography was gathered between 2006 and 2012 by John Orbell with the help of Richard Storey. At the core of the bibliography are the 4,000 entries in Francis Goodall’s Bibliography of British Business Histories (1987), to which the present compilers have added over 20,000 entries. First published in late 2012, the BHE listings are continuously updated. The project is supported by the British Archives Council.

BHE’s content includes monographs, chapters within monographs, theses, and unpublished manuscripts. It presently excludes periodical articles, but a selected number will be included in subsequent editions.
Simple search lists are compiled without a fee, but access to the results requires either a personal membership or access to an institutional subscription.
An extensive description of the scope of the project and user information can be found on the Business History Explorer website.

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