CFP. The Management History Research Group Annual Workshop, 21-22 July, York, UK

This year the Management History Research Group meeting will remember two important figures in the foundation of the MHRG, Derek Pugh and Andrew Thomson. Derek Pugh was a path-breaking contributor to management thought, particularly through his 1971 edited volume Organization Theory which helped to establish organizational behavior as a field of enquiry. Pugh’s team, known as the ‘Aston School’, was important in furthering this field. In his later career, at The Open University Business School, Pugh went on to help found the MHRG with Andrew Thomson. As well as the MHRG, Thomson was a founder of the British Academy of Management and served as Dean of the Open University Business School. In the management history field he co-authored The Making of Modern Management: British Management in a Historical Perspective with John F. Wilson, and with Edward Brech and John F. Wilson published a biography of Lyndall Urwick, the British pioneer of scientific management.

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